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Delivering Nutritious Meals At Your Doorstep
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Helping The Community For Overall Wellbeing
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Raising Donation For Just Causes
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Free Care & Support Services to elderly
About Langar Seva

Welcome to Langar Seva

We are a registered charity with a mission to deliver the message of peace and humanity to mankind. Through our humble efforts, we attempt at delivering meals to the homes of those who may be unable to cook owing to medical issues or other circumstances that may keep them from providing for themselves. Alongside, we also provide services to support mental, physical, and emotional needs of elderly who cannot cater to household chores and deal with loneliness. We are staunch supporters of equality and have been constantly involved in addressing the social issues for more than a decade.

Impact Of Langar Seva Team
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Events Orgainsed

Regular events to raise money for those who are in need

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People Impacted

Impacting people lives through love, care and support

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People Volunteered

Helping people to live a healthy and dignified life

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Meals Served Per Year

Supporting and serving meals to people who can not cook

The philosophy of Langar Seva

The First Guru of Sikhs – Guru Nanak Dev Ji started a Free Food Seva as a symbol of equality and a move towards noble and progressive charity programs for all people regardless of their gender, religion or status. This idea of offering free food was based on a principle designed to teach humanity the value of sitting and eating with the community while also providing a warm, safe, and protected sanctuary for everybody. It was also predominantly to introduce the concept of oneness and promote harmony within the community. Also keeping this in mind, the Langar Seva Team aims at proving nutritious and freshly cooked meals at the doorstep of people who need it the most free of cost. We are also mindful of the dietary restrictions/needs (owing to medical conditions or ageing factors) of the receivers of these meals and carefully curate a personalized meal plan. “Selfless service towards humankind” is our guiding principle at Langar Seva, and team is invoked with the notion that even a single act of goodness can have major rippling effects on our society.

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